If we pay attention to our dreams, instead of living in a cold, impersonal world of meaningless chance, we may begin to emerge into a world of our own, full of important and secretly ordered events.
— Marie-Louise von Franz

Individual Sessions

Our dreams (and memories) have a purpose. The subconscious communicates with the conscious mind through imagery, so dreams are the path to bridging that gap and bringing symbolic images from the dream realm into waking life. Dreams are the path to wholeness.

Although we all dream about different things, dreams speak to us in the universal language of metaphor—the same language found throughout the world in myths, fairytales, and religions. The images we experience in dreams hold collective metaphors that are unique to each individual dreamer. Embodied Imagination® facilitates access to the creative and therapeutic content of our dreams and opens the space for conversation between the conscious and unconscious realms.

Integrating the conscious and unconscious worlds through dreamwork can be an invaluable part of psychological growth and physical healing. As a cancer survivor, I have experienced post-trauma suffering first-hand. As a researcher and therapist, I understand that peace and happiness are as deeply embodied in us as are trauma and suffering.

As an Embodied Imagination® practitioner, with an MA in counseling psychotherapy, I know how to use these deep-rooted emotions along with dream imagery to facilitate growth and healing. The process creates a collaborative environment where I work with clients to embody, examine, and begin to understand profound emotional states that are not available to us in our waking life. By attuning to subconscious experiences in this way, we interrupt and change the neurological flooding, or emotional overwhelm. We can heal and calm the psycho-neurologic system, and bring our body, mind, and spirit into a more aligned state of wholeness and well-being.  We can acquaint ourselves with fresh new perspectives and resources.



What to expect

In an Embodied Imagination dream work session, clients are relaxed into a hypnagogic state (the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep) where they are guided to re-inhabit the landscapes of their dream or memory from multiple perspectives—their own and those of the images and characters in the dream. The client then notices where within the body he or she most strongly feels the sensations and emotions of the image/s and is encouraged to anchor these states within the body to be revisited and integrated into waking life.



Uncovered subconscious patterns

“The dream work uncovered subconscious patterns that have been underlying my daily decisions for years. The images in my dreams seemed innocuous but held the key to unlocking stored memories and self-sabotaging thoughts. They seemed innocent, which helped me explore them without any defense mechanisms.”


Pure delight

“Working with Katherine was a profound experience of healing, integration, and pure delight.  I have been a dreamer my whole life.  I was initiated into my spiritual path through dreams, but what I learned in just one session with Katherine simply blew me away.  She holds a very safe space for you to explore the multiple dimensions of your psyche through the spiritual, emotional, and physical planes. I left the session more embodied, having just uncovered some very deep and beautiful aspects of myself.  I highly recommend her work to anyone on a path of wholeness.”

Vonetta E Taylor, transformational guide, founder of Crowned and Throned

Quietly, luminescent and transformative

“The way in which Katherine guided me back into the experience of my dream to embody the images in real time brought me into a realm of knowing, wisdom, and trust in the unconscious. The experience was luminescent and transformative.  I began to cultivate an endearing trust in the wisdom that is inherent within the dream world—within all of us.”