Cultivating your Growth and Healing by helping you to incubate life's problems and desires into the dream realms, in order to receive healing, inspiration and even meaningful spiritual fulfillment. 


Currently Katherine is in her Doctoral studies in the Saybrook University Mind Body Medicine PhD program. 




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Dreams come from our connected consciousness which sends us images particular to any individual to work through. They allow you to embody the images and see yourself through the images perspective. I will help you wire new experiences together with where negative once that already have the direct route to our emotional responses so that you can take an exit off the highway and feel better. 

Katherine Lawson is a remarkable practitioner of the Embodied Imagination method. She is one of the most creative embodiment workers, developing her own version of the method applicable to work in medical healing and creative endeavors. I, as the originator of the EI method, think she is one of the best people around to teach Embodied Imagination."  

- Robert Bosnak, PsyA, Author, Embodiment: Creative Imagination in Medicine, Art and Travel



Working with Your Dreams to Cultivate Growth & Healing


The ancients believed that the dream was a gift of the gods in order to direct humans in their lives.  Dreams were considered to be the medicine of the soul. When we dream, we stand at the dawn of creation. We experience images as living entities, and experience a state of consciousness radically different from our habitual consciousness.


What you will learn is that healing interactions are available to us as we relate to these images. These interactions will impact us mind, body and spirit. Dream images have a hidden intentionality, which is achieved through borrowing a body from the all-star cast held in the collective unconscious.


This collective is the wellspring of all archetypal images, like those found in all of the myths, religions and fairytales of the world.

The Power of Dreams

By using a variety of body-centered techniques we can flash back into a dreamlike state and invite our dreams to work with and on us. Once given the opportunity our dreams will guide us to integrating creative inspiration, necessary knowledge and emotional states in order to integrate them into our waking lives for both growth and healing. Dreams respond to our attention and honoring. 


The study of dreams can enlarge one’s understanding of oneself and of mankind. In this course, you will learn to incubate life’s problems and desires into the dream realms, in order to receive healing, inspiration and even meaningful spiritual fulfillment.

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